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May Newsletter

For the month of May we have a wide selection of plants to help increase your sales as we enter the home stretch of the Spring season. First up … Spiraeas. Currently, we have 4 varieties that are looking sharp… Little Princess Goldmound, Snowmound & Anthony Waterer. Everything is extremely full and budding or blooming. Our Berberis crops are looking great too… very dense with nice color. If you are in zones 8 and up be sure to check out our Myoporum groundcover, they are blooming right now and will make a nice addition to the plant palette you offer your customers. And while we visit this site are on the subject of groundcovers, our Bar Harbor Junipers are extra heavy & displaying a nice flush. Last month I touched briefly on our 16” Box Program, at this time we have some gorgeous topiaries down in our Escondido yard… 2 tier Wax Leaf Privets along with 2 & 3 tier Blue Points just to name a few. Now, onto Iceberg Roses, last month we received such a great response on our Burgundy Icebergs, so great in fact that is worth noting we have the White Icebergs as well. Check them out, they are in full bloom right now. Another item in full bloom is our Robinia box trees (see pics below), get them while you can because these are sure to sell fast. I hope you all have had a successful Spring thus far… Cheers to the rest of the year!

Berberis-thunbergii-'Atropurpurea' Berberis-thunbergii-'Crimson-Pygmy' Fraxinus-velutina Juniperus-chinensis-'Blue-Point'-2-B Juniperus-chinensis-'Blue-Point'-3-B Ligustrum-japonicum-'Texanum'-2-B Ligustrum-japonicum-'Texanum'-Cone Myoporum-parvifolium Robinia-x-ambigua-'Purple-Robe' Rosa-floribunda-'Iceberg' Spiraea-japonica-'Anthony-Waterer' Spiraea-japonica-'Goldmound' Spiraea-japonica-'Little-Princess' Spiraea-nipponica-'Snowmound'