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December Newsletter

Happy Holidays from all of us at T-Y Nursery! We hope you all had a restful holiday weekend. Now that Thanksgiving is behind us the retail customer interest will be focused solely on Christmas Trees and Poinsettias from now until the end of the year. But just because the majority of the holiday plant sales are devoted to these two items doesn’t mean that you should stop ordering plants completely. Some of the most successful garden centers stock a full line of woody ornamentals that go hand in hand with the holidays.

The first item that comes to mind is Pyracantha. The berry display this time of the year is truly outstanding. And while the berries are merely ornamental for our purposes, they are indeed a food source for birds and other fauna. Our ‘Graberi’ and ‘Santa Cruz’ crops are particularly nice and we have also added a third variety to the mix… Pyracantha ‘Lowboy’. This cultivar sports orange berries rather than red and is an exceptional bank or groundcover due to its extensive root system… cold hardy to Zone 6. You can see how the crops are looking below.

Bottlebrush is a reliable bloomer around Christmas time so it should be no surprise that we are promoting it for the holidays. The soft, whiskery red flowers contrast well with the green foliage for that dramatic Christmas effect. The flowering stems also make great additions to holiday floral arrangements. For many years now, the ever popular Little John Bottlebrush has been a heavy seller for us and currently we are sitting well on numbers in 1s and 5s… yes, we are still growing them in the 6 figures. The pics below will show you how the crops are looking this time of year.

Conifers have always been synonymous with Christmas. Our Pinus eldarica in 5s and 15s are particularly nice this year. Full and well branched, I am sure many of you could sell them as living Christmas Trees… and don’t worry, we will not charge more for them, they are the same price now as they have been all year. If you wanted to get creative with your customers you could also offer them our 5′ Junipers in 15s. You can string them up with some lights and inspire your customers to try something new… the Juniper ‘Blue Point’ and ‘Torulosa’ Upright Pom Pom would look especially nice lit up but be sure not to forget about the ‘Sea Green’ Pom Poms as well.

We hope you all have a successful finish to the year and of course a Merry Christmas…


Arbutus-unedo-'Compacta' Callistemon-viminalis-'Little-John' Camellia-sasanqua-'Cleopatra' Cedrus-deodara Juniperus-chinensis-'Blue-Point'-Spiral Juniperus-chinensis-'Sea-Green'-Pom-Pom Juniperus-x-pfitzeriana-'Glauca'-Pom-Pom Pinus-eldarica Pyracantha-fortuneana-'Graberi' Pyracantha-koidzumii-'Santa-Cruz'