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April Newsletter

Traditionally, the spring rush coincides with the month of April.  Although, if you are in one of the many areas that did not experience much of a winter, chances are you have already seen a spike in sales.  Reports from all over are talking about how the mild winter has jump started the spring business in our industry.  I can attest that there has been a steady stream of early sales this year and would certainly attribute it to the mild winter y’all have had.  I think it is safe to say that we all welcome any type of extension to the Spring Season, after all it is the busiest time of the year for many of us.  In order to capitalize on this small window of opportunity, it is important to have a line of quality ornamentals to offer your customers.  To start, our Burgundy Iceberg roses are budding and blooming.  I know the #1 rose for many of you is Knock Out but out here in California Icebergs reign supreme.  You should really give them a try, I am confident you will be pleasantly surprised on how well they perform in your climate.  Another hot plant for this month is Red Yucca, they are spiking and should be in full bloom in about a week.  Wax Leaf Privets are displaying a beautiful flush and will also be in full bloom shortly.  Our 5g Black Bamboos are looking sharp… they’re 4 ft. tall, filling the cans and sporting their black canes.  Best not to forget about our 16″ Box Program as well, we have a full line of topiary items and now is the ideal time to start bringing them in with all the foot traffic in your stores.  There are many other plants to showcase this month, you can check them all out below.  Happy Spring…  Cheers!

Chamaerops-humilis Cupressus-sempervirens-'Glauca' Escallonia-'Fradesii' Festuca-glauca-'Elijah-Blue' brain pills Hesperaloe-parviflora Ligustrum-japonicum-'Texanum'-Patio-Tree Ligustrum-japonicum-'Texanum' Nolina-recurvata Phyllostachys-aurea Phyllostachys-nigra Pittosporum-tobira Rosa-Floribunda-'Burgundy-Iceberg' Trachycarpus-fortunei Yucca-gloriosa