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July Newsletter

July is here and the heat is on.  Many plants that thrive in the hot weather have already started to go into brain meds bud and bloom.  Crape Myrtles, Texas Sage, Chitalpas, Orange Jubilees just to name a few… People want their landscapes looking sharp for the big Fourth of July parties so it is important to offer a full line of plants that are blooming at this time of year.  Crape Myrtles aka Lilacs of the South are certainly at the top of the list and it is worth noting that all the varieties we have available are dwarfs.  They typically grow to a maximum height of 5-6′ high and 4′ wide.  Your sales people should be able to sell through these as focal points in the landscape rather than tall growing trees.  This should equate to more sales and thats what we are all in need of as business starts to slow down in the summer months.  If your customers are in need of shade, right now we have some killer 24″ Box Chitalpas.  They are specing out at 12′ x 6′ w/ 4″ Caliper and they are in full bloom as well!  There is a wide selection of blooming material for the month of July, you can see many of them below.  Here’s to a great start to the summer…  Cheers!

Chitalpa-tashkentensis-'Pink-Dawn' Delosperma-cooperi Lagerstroemia-indica-'Lavender' Lagerstroemia-indica-'Light-Pink' Lagerstroemia-indica-'Pink' Lagerstroemia-indica-'Rose-Red' Lagerstroemia-indica-'White' Lantana-hybrid-Red-Yellow-Combo Leucophyllum-frutescens-'Green' Pennisetum-setaceum-'Rubrum' Perovskia-atriplicifolia-(2) Senecio-mandraliscae Tecoma-x-alata-'Orange-Jubilee'-Staked