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March Newsletter

March is a great month for the nursery industry with the wide variety of plants breaking in to bud and bloom. The stars for the month are undoubtedly Hawthornes and Lady Banks Roses. Lady Banks just start- ed blooming about 4 days ago and the Hawthornes are about a week away from breaking buds. To add to the March palette I would like to focus on some of the California Natives we grow as well. If you are in Zones 8-10 you should really give these plants a try. The fragrant foliage on Salvia clevelandii practically sells the plant on its own but when accompanied by the purplish-blue flower spikes, how could you not offer this plant to your customers. Cistus (another CA Native) are budding and breaking as well and the plants are as full as can be, I believe we will sell out of these very quickly. All of the plants showcased are either breaking bud, in full bloom or just down right looking good and as of right now we have a good supply of everything below. As I have said before, there seems to be a shortage of quality plant material which has caused us to sell out of crops very quickly. I cannot stress enough… get the material while you are able. As the sales manager for T-Y Nursery, I am regularly asked to speculate on our supply to determine which items should be purchased quickly. Seeing that there has been a run on Lady Banks Roses over the past two months I suspect they will be the first to go. But then again who knows what lies ahead, we might finally sell out of our Hawthornes and Photinias. Anyways… Hats off to a profitable spring. I am certain we could all use one…


Cistus-x-corbariensis Cistus-x-purpureus Ligustrum-japonicum-(lucidum) Ophiopogon-japonicus-'Nana' Photinia-x-fraseri Plumbago-auriculata-'Imperial-Blue' Prunus-caroliniana-'Compacta' Prunus-cerasifera-'Krauter-Vesuvius' Rhaphiolepis-'Magnificent'-Patio-Tree Rhaphiolepis-indica-'Clara' Rhaphiolepis-indica-'Pink-Lady' Rhaphiolepis-indica-'Pinkie' Rosa-banksiae-'Alba-Plena' Rosa-banksiae-'Lutea' Salvia-clevelandii Sophora-secundiflora