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November Newsletter

Brilliant orange, vivid yellow, bright gold, fiery red, intense burgundy, deep crimson… When people think of Autumn, these colors are usually the first thing that come to mind. After all, they are symbolic of the changing seasons. So it should be no surprise the focus for November will be on plants that change colors throughout Autumn. Fall foliage is a must for any garden center attempting to increase sales over the next two months. By stocking up a bit heavier on these items, you will be able to take advantage of the impulse purchases from holiday shoppers in addition to offering an atmosphere that spreads holiday cheer. This will most certainly help to create a buzz about your business & increase customer traffic. With such an array of plants out there, it is senseless to limit ourselves to just fall foliage. Variegated plants offer an assortment of colors as well. The variegated leaves of Euonymus come in a range of colors from gold to green to creamy white… with some varieties changing to dark purple in the cold weather. Variegated plants combined with fall foliage can make striking holiday displays. Be- low you will find a variety of plants that are either in bloom or exhibiting foliage appropriate for the season. Be sure to have an enjoyable holiday and a great Thanksgiving… Cheers!

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