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September Newsletter

In the midst of one of the hottest & driest summers, one would think that our industry would have slowed to a crawl. But in spite of the extreme heat & lack of rain, many of you are purchasing more this year than any year since 2008… that is quite a feat!!! Positive information like this helps put things in perspective when there is talk of doom & gloom around every corner. And while it is true the heat & drought have left countless landscapes looking rather scorched, many believe there will be a high turnout of custom- ers this fall looking to restore their yards to their former glory. With the heat & drought still fresh in everyone’s mind, be sure to stock up on Oleanders, Yellow Bells, Desert Birds of Paradise, Plumbago & Russian Sage. All of these will thrive in the heat & just so happen to be in full bloom. It is also worth noting that T-Y has finally built up numbers on the well known varieties of Crape Myrtles. We have Natchez, Catawba, Muskogee, Water- melon Red & Arapaho. They are all fresh crops & will therefore be blooming a bit later than normal… in fact they just recently went into heavy bloom. Any of the items below will make great additions to your fall plant palette & as usual if y’all have any questions please shoot me an email or give me a call… Cheers!

Agave-americana-'Variegata' Caesalpinia-gilliesii Caesalpinia-mexicana Convolvulus-cneorum Lagerstroemia-hybrid-'Natchez' Lagerstroemia-indica-'Catawba' Lagerstroemia-indica-'Watermelon-Red' Liriope-gigantea Myrtus-communis-'Compacta' Nerium-oleander-Dwarf-Red Perovskia-atriplicifolia Plumbago-auriculata-'Imperial-Blue' Salvia-leucantha-'Santa-Barbara' Tecoma-stans-'Yellow-Bells'