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August Newsletter

August can certainly be coined as one of the hottest months of the year and more than likely many of the plants in your yard are already exhibiting signs of heat stress.  In addition, there are now 26 states that have declared natural disasters as a result of moderate to exceptional drought.  Well, it seems to me there is no better time than the present to promote material that is able to stand up to these record breaking conditions.  Agaves, Oleanders, Lantanas, Texas Sage, Tecomas and Yuccas are just some of the plants that thrive in the heat and are able to withstand prolonged periods of drought when established.  Perfect for the type of weather that has encompassed our country wouldn’t you say?  With arid conditions like this, it makes sense to put this genre of plants front and center as to what is being offered to the retail consumer.  The reality is that you will actually be doing them a favor in the event these conditions worsen.  And don’t forget, when the heat comes, so does the color and we all know that color sells.  Check out all the items being showcased for the month of August.  I am sure you will find something that catches your eye…  Cheers!

Agave-americana Agave-colorata Agave-ferox Chrysactinia-mexicana-(Damianita) Dalea-frutescens-'Sierra-Gold' Lantana-hybrid-'Dallas-Red' Lantana-hybrid-'New-Gold' Lantana-sellowiana-Purple Lantana-sellowiana-White Leucophyllum-langmaniae-'Brave-River' Leucophyllum-x-'Heavenly' Nerium-oleander-'Mrs.-Roeding' Nerium-oleander-'Petite-Salmon' Nerium-oleander-Light-Pink Nerium-oleander-Pink Nerium-oleander-White Opuntia-ficus-indica Opuntia-violacea-'Santa-Rita' Pomegranate-'Wonderful' Tecoma-stans-'Yellow-Bells'-Staked Tecoma-x-alata-'Orange-Jubilee' Yucca-gloriosa Yucca-recurvifolia-(pendula)