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January Newsletter

Happy New Year fellow horticulturalists! Since I started with T-Y in 2008, I have spoken with many people in regards to the plant palette that we carry. Many have suggested we start growing some of the patented varieties & just charge a little more for the plants to cover royalties & liner costs. While all that sounds great, all you have to do is look to see how many new varieties of plants have been introduced in the past 20 years and compare it to how many have actually become popular to see the majority of these new varieties just do not take hold in our industry. The true winners stand out because of their track record & it is for this exact reason that we stick to the old fashion, tried & true varieties. I am very excited to announce that T-Y has decided to add some new plants to our product line. Over the past few years we have been working to build up numbers on the varieties listed below. We figure what better time to focus on these new items than on the New Year. As you probably know, we sell plants into many areas of the country and therefore are very careful in deciding which plants to add to our line. Many factors must be taken into consideration… heat tolerance, cold hardiness, popularity, demand, etc. The varieties listed below have been selected because they hit some or all of the criteria necessary for us to consider them winners. If you haven’t carried these items in the past, we hope you will give them a try. We are confident they will do well for you. Also, stay tuned because this is just the beginning. We have some more items in the pipeline that we will be showcasing in the near future… Cheers to the New Year!

Agave-americana-'Variegata' Aloe-vera Austrocylindropuntia-subulata Calamagrostis-x-acutiflora-'Karl-Foerster' Carex-pansa Euphorbia-rigida Nandina-domestica-'Moon-Bay' Olea-europaea-'Dwarf-Olive' Ophiopogon-planiscapus-'Nigrescens' Pittosporum-tobira-'Dwarf-Variegated' Quercus-shumardii Quercus-suber Rhaphiolepis-umbellata-'Blueberry-Muffin' Rhaphiolepis-umbellata-'Minor' Scabiosa-caucasica-'Blue' Trichocereus-spachianus