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Shrubs as planter specimens? Why not!

The popularity of container and small space gardening is on the rise with no stop in sight. Customers are looking for striking yet low-maintenance plant options for container plantings.

Fall is a great time to refresh planters with cold-hardy specimens. Want to move more shrubs than you might normally this time of year? As seasons change, and landscape installations might slow down, you can shift your marketing to promote traditional landscape shrubs as container specimens. This can potentially help you better serve niche seasonal services.

Blue Point’ Junipers are perfect evergreen container specimens that can be pruned to any number of shapes. Their beautiful blue foliage color and compact growth habit make them a perfect planter choice. Nandinas in pots? Absolutely! Their colorful evergreen foliage, ease of care and low water needs make them a perfect for pots. There are many dwarf varieties of Nandina that would be excellent for smaller containers. Looking for blooms? Why not try Texas sage! ‘Brave River’ Leucophyllum has a dense growth habit with heavy bloom cycles. It’s tough-as-nails when it comes to tolerating intense heat and extended periods of drought. It likes good drainage so that makes containers an ideal environment. It’s hard to beat their lavender blooms and silver foliage. Plants can be tip pruned to keep their desired shape.

While shrubs like these may seem like unusual choices for containers, using them in this way gives an entire category of plants an entirely new purpose. Re-purposing shrubs for pots can open up new opportunities for landscapers and offer up a new world of worry-free beauty for homeowners.