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“Fall Back” on Fall Watering

November is a great time to focus on water conservation in your client’s landscapes. While many parts of the country, especially California, are still very dry this time of year, it’s a good time to cut back on supplemental irrigation in most parts of the country. While many municipalities focus on restricting landscape water in the summer months, it’s the winter months where we can really cut back and save.

Often, homeowners forget to “fall back” on their fall watering, even as temperatures cool and rainfall may increase. Excess irrigation in fall and winter is not only wasteful, but can cause foliage and soil borne disease problems in the landscape. Are you providing fall irrigation system adjustments? If not, it’s a great way to protect both your client’s and your investment in their landscape.

Creating water-wise landscapes is a beneficial focus for many in the industry right now. It’s not only what customers are looking for, but the responsible thing to do. However, No one wants to live in a world of concrete and hardscape, nor is that healthy for us or the environment. Knowing how to choose the right low-water use plants that are still beautiful, useful in the landscape and beneficial to wildlife is key to successful contemporary designs.

A great example of a beautiful and water-wise plant is Senna artemisioides, also called Feathery Cassia. It puts on quite a show with its masses of fragrant bright yellow flowers and gray-green foliage. As the common name indicates, the foliage is “feathery” in appearance making it an excellent choice for visual texture in the landscape. Once established, it really prefers very little supplemental water.

When you peruse plants in our Plant Library, you’ll find specific information on the water needs of our available plants.