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Ornamental grasses as water-wise features

When we are faced with increasing water restrictions and drought, it can be a challenge to keep customers satisfied with a changing plant selection. So we must offer plant options that use water more efficiently but don’t compromise on looks. Ornamental grasses are both beautiful and water-wise in the landscape.

Ornamental grasses are perfect for water-wise designs because of their ease of care and drought tolerance. Ornamental grasses create movement in the garden, texture and reward us with interesting inflorescence and seeds.

When planting ornamental grasses it’s important to keep in mind the size of the planting space. Mexican feather grass is the perfect candidate for smaller spaces, due to its compact size and fine foliage. In hot climates, this grass shines during the cooler months; plants are semi-summer dormant and semi-evergreen in winter. Overall it provides interest year-round.

While most ornamental grasses are grown for their foliage, a few are known for their blooms. Muhly grass, Muhlenbergia capillaris, produces fall flowers with an intense pink color and a fuzzy texture. The blooms create the look of a pink cloud around the plant. This ornamental grass is perfect to place in the middle or back of a bed, as plants reach 4-feet at maturity. Muhly grass looks beautiful planted in groups or by itself as a focal point.

Have a lot of space? Don’t be afraid to combine more than one grass in your design. Plant species in groups for a more natural look and your customer will enjoy the seasonal features of each one.