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Plants that transition from houseplant to garden, and back

There is a wide array of plants that do well indoors, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay inside year-round. Many houseplants are happy to make the transition back to the outdoor patio or balcony during the warmer months. Foliage plants and tropicals can struggle if they are not kept as moist as they would like or provided filtered light; these plants aren’t always good candidates for summer patio specimens. Succulents and more arid plants that are kept as houseplants are typically happy to spend a few months outdoors. Here are a few tips to ensure a smooth transition:

Sunlight- Even though many succulent plants can handle a lot of sun, make sure you give them a chance to adjust before placing them out into hot sunlight. Set your indoor plants under a covered patio where they can have access to bright filtered light. After a few days to a week you can move them to their new home. Keep in mind the sun requirements of your plants in relation to where you place them outdoors.

Moisture- Because you are increasing the amount of light your plants will receive when you move them outdoors, and the temperature is likely warmer, moisture management is key. Plants transpire, or sweat, more quickly in more sunlight and when temperatures are warmer. Make sure that your plant does not stress from getting too dry in-between waterings.

Fertilization- While your plants are enjoying the outdoors and growing more quickly, don’t forget to feed them. Plants use more nutrients during the warm growing season and fertilizing will prepare them for returning indoors for the winter.

Succulent type plants are among the easiest to transition from indoors to the patio. Eve’s Needle Cactus makes a great indoor floor plant that offers an interesting architectural aspect to your indoor design. This cactus produces red blooms beautifully in the summer and pollinators love it. Aloe ‘Blue Elf’ is a small succulent often kept as a houseplant, but also thrives as a summer patio plant.

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