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May Newsletter

The big rush we all experience every Spring tends to subside throughout the month of May.  So in order to make one grand push before we head into Summer we will be showcasing a rather extensive line-up for this month.

First off, Spiraeas…currently Little Princess & Gold Flame are super full & budding up nicely.  I believe by the time y’all are reading this they should be just starting to break their buds.

Second, Star Jasmine…  A favorite across the country for it strong fragrance & wide range of uses.  Typically grown as a ground cover but with support can grow over 20 ft.  These are blooming as well & while we do grow these in 6 figure quantities, get them while you can as the best material will most certainly go out first.

Since I have been with T-Y we have never had an abundance of Honeysuckle when they are at their peak.  It is nice to finally be able to shine the light on them when they are sporting their fragrant flowers.  Activity on these has already begun so best not to wait too long to place your orders.  Some other items in bloom are Potentilla for the North & Autumn Sage for the South.  The 1g Potentillas are super heavy & anyone wishing to order large quantities should most certainly inquire about a volume discount.

Can’t forget about Red Yuccas…  Sales for these have been through the roof & frankly we are unable to keep up with supply so the 5g crops this year have not been as robust as they have in the past.  Our 15g crop however, is quite nice. Super full & loads of flowers.  As usual there are other items below where pictures speak more than words.  If y’all have any questions please let me know.

We hope y’all have a great finish to this memorable Spring Season…  Cheers!

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