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August Newsletter

One of the hottest months of the year is here again & if it is anything like the Augusts of recent years we are likely in for a scorcher. The hottest times of summer persuade some of the most beautiful plants of the southwest into bloom… Desert Willow, Texas Sage, Dwarf Myrtle, Oleander, Russian Sage, Orange Jubilee & Esperanza. The heat & drought tolerance along with the orchid-like flowers of Desert Willows have made them a favorite of the southwest.

Currently we have 1g through 24″ Box available & all are looking sharp. Plantings of San Diego Division Texas Sage around your area are likely in bloom this time of year which usually causes many to visit garden centers & ask, “what is that plant with the small leaves & purple flowers… you know the one.” For this reason & many others, now is a great time to order heavy on this genus.

Check out the pictures below to see what the current crops are looking like. Oleanders always look their best in the heat of the summer. As of now, all the flavors are available but get them while you can because they are selling fast. I’d like to end with a plant that T-Y has just recently started growing, but has already shown promise as a great seller. Artemesia ‘Powis Castle’ is a small mounding shrub with silver gray foliage, it is drought tolerant & able to handle 15° F. Many of you have requested we grow this & I am pleased to let y’all know that we now have 1 & 5g available.

I look forward to catching up with those of you attending the Texas show. Stay cool out there… Cheers!

Agave-americana_13 Artemesia-'Powis-Castle'_13 Chilopsis-linearis-'Burgundy'_13 Cortaderia-selloana-'Pumila'_13_2 Euphorbia-rigida_13_2 Leucophyllum-frutescens-'Compacta'_13 Leucophyllum-frutescens-'Green'_13_2 Leucophyllum-x-'Heavenly'_13 Myrtus-communis-'Compacta'_13_2 Nerium-oleander-'Petite-Pink'_13 Nerium-oleander-'Petite-Salmon'_13 Nerium-oleander-Dwarf-Red_13 Nerium-oleander-Dwarf-White_13 Nerium-oleander-Light-Pink_13_2 Nerium-oleander-Pink_13 Nerium-oleander-Red_13 Nerium-oleander-White_13_2 Opuntia-macrocentra_13 Perovskia-atriplicifolia_13 Tecoma-stans-'Yellow-Bells'_13 Tecoma-x-alata-'Orange-Jubilee'-Staked_13