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July Newsletter

The heat is in full force now & the plants in the nursery are re- sponding well. The Crape Myrtles in particular are in bud or bloom depending on the variety. And just in time too, seeing as how July is traditionally the month to promote these lilacs of the south. For the past many years, we have listed our Crape Myrtles by color… Red, Pink, Lavender, etc.

Something many of you may not be aware of is that these are dwarf varieties & are exceptional for small spaces as they only grow 5-6 ft. tall. Any growers looking to put up a 15g San Diego Division crop should certainly check out our 5g standard tree forms, they are prime for shifting and aggressively priced. In an effort to cater to our customers’ demands, we have been building up our inventory on the mildew resistant varieties… Arapaho, Catawba, Muskogee, Natchez & Watermelon Red.

Our intention is to slowly phase out the dwarf varieties & grow the above mentioned exclusively. Anyone wishing to discuss special pricing for orders of high volume are strongly urged to contact me. We are very motivated to blow out the dwarf varieties so there are deals to be had if one wishes to inquire. On a separate note, Vitex have started to bloom heavily and at this time we have a good supply in all sizes. How- ever, the best crops by far are the 15g and 24″ Boxes.

Stay cool out there… Cheers!Lagerstroemia-hybrid-'Muskogee'_13 Lagerstroemia-hybrid-'Natchez'_13 Lagerstroemia-indica-'Catawba'_13 Lagerstroemia-indica-'Lavender'-Std_13 Lagerstroemia-indica-'Light-Pink'_13 Lagerstroemia-indica-'Light-Pink'-Std_13 Lagerstroemia-indica-'Pink'_13 Lagerstroemia-indica-'Pink'-Std_13 Lagerstroemia-indica-'Rose-Red'_13 Lagerstroemia-indica-'Rose-Red'-Std_13 Lagerstroemia-indica-'Watermelon-Red'_13 Lagerstroemia-indica-'White'-Std_13

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