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November Newsletter

In the midst of Autumn, it is clear based on the number of truckloads flying out that many of you are having a successful fall season.  The cooler days and nights are undoubtedly a welcome change to the dog days of summer and have helped to bring homeowners out of the woodwork and start working in their yards again.  It seems everywhere we turn there are signs of the changing seasons. Whether it be the cold and foggy mornings, the ripening of Pomegranates and Persimmons in the orchards or even the leaves of Nandina changing to their fiery reds and oranges.

Our crops of 5g Nandina domestica are outstanding this year.  The plants are fresh, full and in the process of changing colors as we speak.  Nandina domestica has been a key crop of T-Y for many years now.  However, with all the new varieties that have gained popularity over the past it is no surprise that we decided to broaden our horizons in regards to the species.

By far the one in highest demand is Nandina ‘Gulf Stream’.  Currently, there is around 2000 5g available which isn’t that many considering the time of year and the numbers we sell.  My recommendation is to order them while we still have them. You can check out the pics below to see how the fall crop is looking.

Nandina ‘Compacta’…  a more compact version of Nandina domestica (yet still somewhat difficult to tell one from the other) is selling well this year but regardless, the availability is solid.  Many people have been using the ‘Compacta’ to sub for Nandina domestica on jobs.  In fact, many people would say that you are doing the customer a favor by switching it out.  Despite the variety, either one will brighten a landscape… especially in Autumn.

Last but not least and certainly my favorite of the species, Nandina ‘Atropurpurea Nana’. Currently the 5g crops are in good supply and as with the nature of the plant, they are short, full and displaying light green foliage with irregular streaks of red.

One would be hard pressed to select an evergreen landscape staple in the southwest that exhibits such a brilliant display of fall foliage. With Autumn in full swing and the holidays right around the corner, garden centers would do well to stock up heavy on all varieties of Nandina as consumers are without a doubt seeing them color up in their neighborhoods.  We hope you all have a memorable Thanksgiving and some well deserved rest over the holiday…  Cheers!

Nandina-domestica-Atropurpurea-Nana Nandina-domestica-'Compacta'_13 Nandina-domestica-'Gulf-Stream'_13 Nandina-domestica_13

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