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Evergreen Shrubs Drive Year-Round Sales

If you live in a climate where planting can continue year-round, stocking evergreen shrubs can keep your customers coming back through the fall and winter seasons. Evergreen shrubs are a necessary landscape element, providing color and structure in winter months and a backdrop for spring and summer bloomers.  Planting evergreens through the cool season is a good way perk up a homeowner’s winter garden and keep winter landscaping jobs running.

Evergreen shrubs also make a statement year-round when used as container specimens. Many homeowners are looking for large container plantings that are low-maintenance but provide beauty year-round. Using evergreen shrubs in containers provides year-round beauty that can be complemented with seasonal color.

Here are three of our evergreen favorites to add to your fall selections:

Dwarf Nandina, has all the color and texture of standard Nandina at only half the size. If clients need an evergreen foundation shrub that won’t block their window views, or low-maintenance evergreens for large containers, nandinas are an excellent choice.  At only two to three-feet tall and wide, they are also perfect for tucking into landscape beds with deciduous shrubs or winter-dormant perennials. Plus, the fall foliage color is fantastic!

Purple Leaf Hop Bush is an unexpected and dramatic evergreen that can be used to create a lush evergreen screen. It’s deep purple-red foliage in the fall is the perfect backdrop for ornamental grasses and fall-blooming color. This fast-growing evergreen can be used to create colorful anchors in your landscape design and even make great container specimens.c

Wheeler’s Dwarf Pittosporum is a soft and beautiful option for creating evergreen foundation plantings where you need to minimize plant height. ‘Wheeler’s Dwarf’ is the perfect solution plant for foundation plantings on the north side of buildings where shade can be a challenge – especially in warm climates. In cooler zones you can plant ‘Wheeler’s Dwarf’ in sunnier spots. Makes a lush container planting.