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Ornamental Grasses as Accent and Border Plants

Looking for unique specimens to liven up a client’s landscape? Why not consider tall ornamental grasses as a focal point, or low-growing grasses as a border to sunny landscape beds. With clients becoming more water-conscious, many are more open to replacing water-guzzling plants with smarter choices like grasses.

If you’re looking to add a striking focal point or accent to a landscape design, there’s hardly a better ornamental grass for the task than ‘Karl Foerster’ feather reed grass. It’s stand-up-straight, narrow growth habit draws the eye wherever you need it to go. It’s also tall and tidy enough that it can be used as a small screening plant.

If you’re looking for a bit more drama without too much bulk, you can’t dismiss dwarf pampas grass. Pampas grass is planted for its impressive cream-colored plumes that emerge in summer. Yet standard pampas grass is so huge that many urban spaces can’t accommodate it. Dwarf pampas grass gives you the same look but at under 7-feet tall and wide. Plant a grouping of this beautiful grass to create a stunning focal point in a water-wise design.

If you’re looking to keep a border tidy yet colorful, ‘Elijah Blue’ blue fescue is a winner. The fine blue foliage and tight clumping habit make for an eye-catching border in hot sunny landscape beds. You can also plant ‘Elijah Blue’ en masse as a colorful groundcover or grouping in rock gardens.

Ornamental grasses aren’t just filler anymore. They’re taking center stage in many water-wise landscapes and deservedly so.