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April Newsletter

Now that everyone is in order mode for Spring,  it seems the perfect time to focus on some of the items that are normally overshadowed throughout the year.  Specifically,  items like Espaliered Photinia & Ligustrum,  Ceanothus,  & Portulacaria just to name a few.  At this time of year,  If you were to hike through some of our native preserves in either Southern or Northern California you would be presented with hillsides randomly spotted with blue & white Ceanothus…  our beloved California Lilac.  Ceanothus are super drought tolerant & very attractive when in bloom.  For me,  they have always signified the start of Spring.  Our Ceanothus are coming into bloom nicely & should be in full bloom by the 21st.  Espaliered Photinia & Ligustrum are looking prime as well.  They both have a nice flush on them (as do the bushes, FYI) & they are covering the trellis 100%.  An item many of you might be unfamiliar with is Portulacaria (aka Elephant Food).  This plant is native to South Africa & is true to its name…  it is indeed food for the elephants.  Many people in frost prone areas use these as patio plants in the summer & house plants in the winter…  they can even be trained as bonsai.  Another item that we have always been in short supply is Rhaphiolepis x ‘Magnificent’.  Our 24″ Boxes are quite nice…  nice form with bud & bloom.  These are sure to go fast so get them while you can.  Typically this time of year we are practically sold out of Golden Euonymus.  Luckily, the increase in production has made it possible for us to have a steady supply.  Another item that has been in short supply over the past couple of years is Washingtonia robusta.  As of now, we have some stunning 15g & again get them while you can as they will sell out quickly.  There are some other items below that you may find of interest.  As usual shoot me an email or give me a call if you have any questions…  Cheers!

Ceanothus-thrysiflorus-'Victoria' Euonymus-japonicus-'Aureo-Marginata' Euphorbia-rigida Ligustrum-japonicum-'Texanum'-Espalier Photinia-x-fraseri-Espalier Portulacaria-afra Rhaphiolepis-'Magnificent' Rosmarinus-officinalis-'Prostratus' Washingtonia-robusta Yucca-recurvifolia-(pendula)