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T-Y Nursery has been the go to wholesale nursery supplying plant material to Utah for more than 20 years, especially since the rapid growth of St. George in the 1990s. In a dry valley in Southwest Utah within the Mojave Desert, the city of St. George lies in the warmest part of the state. The hot summers are long and the cool winters are short, so the climate is similar in many ways to Las Vegas, but with a colder winter — nighttime freezes are common, but nowhere near as extreme as areas in Northern Utah. The landscape in Southern Utah consists of heat- and drought-tolerant plants typical of a desert climate with a focus on cold hardiness, including Winter Gem Boxwood, Red Yucca, Juniper, Texas Sage, Wax Leaf Privet, Oleander, Fruitless Olive, Windmill and Mediterranean Fan Palm, Photinia, Cherry Laurel, Oaks, Indian Hawthorn, Rosemary, Autumn Sage and many varieties of Agave and Yucca.

The Wasatch Front, where most Utahns have settled, is a prime example of Utah’s numerous mountain ranges. To the east, the Wasatch Mountains rise several thousand feet, and to the southwest lies the Great Basin Desert. These areas of northern Utah experience four distinct seasons: long, hot and dry summers and cold, snowy winters, while spring and fall serve as transitional periods. As for woody ornamentals, garden centers in the northern region typically stock such deciduous shrubs as spiraea, Japanese barberry, burning bush and a wide variety of junipers due to the extremely cold winter temperatures.