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T-Y Nursery is the top wholesale nursery supplying the Texas nursery industry for over 35 years, allowing us to develop plant palettes for the variety of climates found throughout the state. Texas as a whole is a very hot and arid state, but in general, the northern regions experience much harsher winters than the south.

North Central Texas receives anywhere from 25 to 35 inches of annual rain with winter temperatures reaching as low as 0° fahrenheit. In southern areas of the state, like Houston, hard freezes are rare and lush tropical landscaping is common. Southerly winds bring moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, which makes south Texas an ideal climate for palms and other tropical foliage. In west Texas, winter temperatures in cities like El Paso reach the low teens, and the area on average receives less than 10 inches of annual rain. Plants in this area must be able to handle extreme drought and scorching heat for landscape success.

Plants typically sold throughout the state are Japanese boxwood, Italian cypress, red yucca, cherry laurel, blue point juniper, Texas sage, photinia, afghan pine, gray cotoneaster, Indian hawthorn, rosemary and soft leaf yucca.