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In Oklahoma, the northwestern panhandle is cooler and drier than the rest of the state. With a higher elevation, it has less rain and colder winter temperatures. As the elevation decreases heading southeast, winter temperatures and annual rainfall rise; Eastern Oklahoma receives twice the amount of rainfall per year than the northwestern panhandle.

The southerly winds bring moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, which play a large role in the humid subtropical climate of Eastern Oklahoma. Winters in the eastern region, although milder than the west, are still subject to snowfall. Regardless of where you are in the state, plants must able to handle temperatures in the single digits.

As a wholesale nursery, T-Y Nursery knows that Oklahoma is a very dry state where heat- and drought-tolerant plants are highly recommended, due to the hot summers. Plants typically sold in garden centers throughout the state are Red Yucca, Photinia, Golden Euonymus, Heavenly Bamboo, Dwarf Fountain Grass, Indian Hawthorne, Lady Banks Rose, Soft Leaf Yucca and Tecoma ‘Orange Jubilee’.