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New Mexico

T-Y Nursery has been the top wholesale nursery supplying plant material to New Mexico for several years now. The majority of our orders ship to independent garden centers located along the Rio Grande River in the Rio Grande Corridor, which starts at the Colorado state line and follows the river south to Las Cruces.

In the northern stages of the river, especially in the higher elevations, dense forests are home to such alpine trees as aspens, pines, spruces and firs. This northern region has warm summers and much colder winters than the south; plants must be able to handle sub-zero temperatures.

As you head south, the elevation decreases and the climate becomes warmer and more humid. Forests are replaced by deserts and woodlands with juniper trees and piƱon pines. Light frosts are frequent throughout the winter nights in cities such as Las Cruces, making it important for plants to be able to handle temperatures in the low teens to 20s.

Overall, the entire state has an arid to semi-arid climate, so regardless of the location, drought- and heat-tolerant plants are a must. Typical plants sold throughout the state are golden euonymus, red yucca, Texas sage, heavenly bamboo, red-tip photinia, Russian sage, Indian hawthorne and rosemary.