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T-Y Nursery has been the top wholesale nursery growing plants for Southern Nevada for over 45 years. The company has worked diligently with customers to develop a plant palette catered specifically for the extreme climates of Nevada, Las Vegas in particular.

Nevada consists of two distinct deserts; the Great Basin in Northern Nevada, and the Mojave Desert in the south. Being the driest state in the country, heat- and drought-tolerant plants are not an option, they are a necessity. In addition, the need for cold-hardy plants rises in the northern areas of the state. Plants unable to stand up to the cold will typically survive the mild winters in areas such as Las Vegas. As you head north, the plant palette changes drastically to varieties able to handle freezing temperatures. And, as in any desert climate, proper soil preparation is necessary to ensure landscape success.

Our diverse product line for Nevada is the result of our close relationship with some of the leading independent garden centers in the country. Top performers for Southern Nevada are red yucca, Mediterranean fan palm, Afghan pine, creeping rosemary, Texas sage, flowering plum and Raywood ash.