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Juniperus chinensis ‘Spartan’

Spartan Juniper

‘Spartan’ Juniper is a small evergreen tree with dense growth and a columnar habit. Deep green foliage can be both scale-like or needle-like. Female plants produce gray blue, berry sized cones. Its uniform shape makes it perfect as a privacy screen, mass planting or windbreak. It is often pruned into spiral topiary shapes seen in Mediterranean gardens. Junipers thrive in full sun, adapt to a wide range of soils and tolerate alkalinity. If a regular watering schedule is used during the first year, it will need less water once established. A general purpose fertilizer should be used in early spring to promote growth. Unless a special shape is desired, pruning is generally unnecessary on Junipers, however light shaping can be done during summer. Few pests or diseases cause problems with this plant, but mites and bagworms occasionally infest the foliage. Junipers can become susceptible to root rot or bacterial blight if not planted in a well-drained site. Nearly every landscape will find this highly functional, low maintenance plant a welcome addition.

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