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Evergreen Screens

As urban life gets more dense, it’s important to plan for privacy around the home and in the landscape. Using plants as privacy screens instead of hardscape structures can soften even the tightest urban space. Here are few plants that look great and perform well as evergreen screens:

Dwarf Arborvitae, Thuja orientalis ‘Aurea Nana’ makes a perfect specimen for creating a uniform evergreen screen in small spaces. Dwarf arborvitae has beautiful golden foliage with a uniform habit. This shrub reaches up to 5’ in height and is 2’-4’ wide. Though evergreen, this shrub will have a bronze tinge during the winter months, adding even more interest.

Eldarica Pine, Pinus eldarica makes a great evergreen screen for larger spaces. This handsome low branching  tree matures at 30’-50’ tall and 20’-40’ wide, slowly over time. Its rich dark green foliage with a conical habit provides the perfect backdrop to any design and creates privacy without effort, especially for homes with more than one story.

Graber’s Pyracantha, Pyracantha fortuneana ‘Graberi’ is another good selection for creating an evergreen screen, especially in a more natural landscape. Reaching 10’-12’ tall and 8’-10’ wide, this free form shrub makes a organic screen; attracting bees in the spring with its clusters of white flowers and red berries that serve as a  food source for birds in the winter. Pyracantha can also be espaliered, which is perfect for very narrow places.

Creating an evergreen screen is easy when you can provide your clients with the proper plant material in reference to space, design, and style.