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June Newsletter

June… The month when Spring changes over to Summer and the month when the heat really starts to kick in… traditionally anyway. Daylilies have always been the focus for June but this year it doesn’t seem appropriate to limit ourselves when there are so many plants looking tip top in the nursery. For a few years now, we have received numerous requests for us to grow the Dwarf Pampas Grass so I’d like to start by letting y’all know that our first 5g crop is ready.

Considering the number of requests we San Diego Division received I suspect this first crop will sell out quickly. Next is Texas Sage, it is truly surprising that we are already sold out of 5g Compact & Green Sage so early in the year, especially when you take into account the amount we produce. But luckily, we have some other varieties to take their place.

My favorite, Leucophyllum zygophyllum, are looking super sharp right now & on the verge of going into heavy, heavy bloom. If you are unfamiliar with this dwarf variety, it maxes out at 3 ft. tall & sports bluish purple flowers over gray cupped foliage… extremely attractive. Some other items that will thrive in the coming heat… Aloe vera, Aptenia (aka Hearts & Flowers), Bush Morning Glory, Oleanders & the ever so fragrant Chaparral Sage. All of these items are pictured below & all are in their prime. Now, onto the Daylilies. With such a cool Spring, most if not all of the Daylilies have been slow to go into full bloom. Because of this, there couldn’t be a better time than now to start stocking up so they can go into full bloom in your yard where the retail customers can gawk over them. We have many varieties available in the range of colors needed to make any display eye catching.

As usual, if y’all have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email me and do your best to stay cool as we all head into the Summer heat… Cheers!!!

Aloe-vera_13 Aptenia-cordifolia_13 Convolvulus-cneorum_13 Cortaderia-selloana-'Pumila'_13 Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Aztec-Gold'_13 Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Bitone-Red-Yellow'_13 Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Burgundy'_13 Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Crimson-Pirate'_13 Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Double-Yellow'_13 Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Jungle-Princess'_13 Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Lemon-Yellow'_13 Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Ming-Toy'_13 Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Purple'_13 Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Raspberry-Pixie'_13 Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Red-Chalice'_13 Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Tender-Love'_13
Myrtus-communis-'Compacta'_13 Nandina-domestica-'Gulf-Stream'_13 Nerium-oleander-Light-Pink_13 Nerium-oleander-White_13 Pennisetum-setaceum-'Rubrum'_13 Salvia-clevelandii_13 Spiraea-japonica-'Anthony-Waterer'_13 Spiraea-japonica-'Goldmound'_13