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January Newsletter

Happy New Year fellow Horticulturalists! Every month we discuss what is looking good & worth bringing in at the said time of year. But for now, & in an effort to reign in the new year right, it seems appropriate to discuss what is in the works on the production side of T-Y Nursery. To start with, for the past 2 years our San Diego Division availability on 5g topiaries has been extremely limited… specifically on Ligustrum ‘Texanum’ Poodles. We have since tripled our production numbers to accommodate for this gap. Unfortunately, topiaries take a great deal of time to produce so bounc- ing back has not been as swift as we would have liked, but rest assured the future availability is looking more & more positive. In addition to the Poodles, we have started producing Ligustrum Spirals & Upright Pom Poms as well. Some of you may have noticed the Spirals on our availability… they are quite nice & will make great additions to your plant palette. Another topiary in the works… Spiraled Italian Cypress. Italian Cypress have always sold well, so we are confident the Spirals will become a super hot item for us. Best to stay on the lookout for them as they will sell out quickly. While we are doing our best to keep up with the demand in topiaries, we are also selecting new items to add to our product line. Adding items to any nursery line is a slow process. One must hunt out & purchase the mother stock, take cuttings or har- vest seed depending on the plant, grow them on, propagate further to build numbers & ensure a back up supply in the event sales are stellar.

This whole process can take up to 3 years or more depending on the plant. The following is a list of items that are in production & will hope- fully be available by Spring.

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