After arriving in the United States over 50 years ago, Takashi Yasutake and his wife Kasumi began work on creating what is now one of the most respected companies in the industry. Since being established in 1966, T-Y Nursery has developed a reputation as one of the leading wholesale growers in Southern California by providing high quality plants at low prices. Over the years, the Yasutakes have single handedly built and expanded their company with great care and attention to detail. This hands on approach makes every client interaction important because it is more than just “business”; it is personal.

From its modest beginnings as a 1.5 acre lot, T-Y Nursery now boasts over 800 acres dedicated to the production of container grown plants.

T-Y Nursery has four growing grounds across Southern California – Los Angeles, Orange County, Pauma Valley, and Escondido – with over 700 varieties and specializing in woody ornamentals, palms, ferns, tropicals, topiaries, ornamental grasses, fruit and shade trees, succulents, and drought tolerant plants.


T-Y Nursery is a volume grower and produces everything from 1 gallons to 36 inch boxes and ships all across the United States, with our primary markets being Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

The products, however, are only one component to what makes T-Y Nursery unique. The loyalty of the individuals who make up the T-Y Nursery family ensures that all employees feel they are personally invested in the company and strive to see it succeed. Literally grown from the ground up, T-Y Nursery continues its traditions of excellence and integrity through the efforts of the Yasutake family and through the hard work of its dedicated employees.