From: Panama

Years at T-Y Nursery: New!

Amy VowellAmy joins T-Y Nursery with nearly 20 years of nursery experience in retail and wholesale. She comes to us after working as an in-house representative at Monrovia Nurseries in Oregon. Her time there allowed her to meet a lot of great people while helping her increase her plant knowledge. It also taught her a great deal about sales and production while giving her a lesson in process and quality.

“I love plants but I also love people as well. I always feel great when I know that I have really helped out a good customer and contributed to his success, even when it means putting in the extra effort. It all seems to come back around!”

She is very passionate about horticulture. “There are so many aspects to it and directions to go in.” She describes it as an “ever unfolding combination of art and science” as it has the “depth and power to effect every single person on the planet. I love it because there is always more to learn, more to try, and so many ways to be truly creative and productive.”