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T-Y Nursery started as the go-to wholesale nursery in southern California over 45 years ago, where the Pacific Ocean’s marine influence provides us with a Mediterranean-type climate and some of the best growing conditions in the country. The warm, dry summers and moist, cool winters are ideal for growing plants. With four growing grounds spread out in southern California, we are able to use the microclimates to our advantage.

Our Torrance yard is closest to the coast and therefore at a minimal danger of frost over the winter. We are able to grow many varieties of frost-sensitive plants in this yard, using minimal protection throughout the colder months of the year.

Our Trabuco yard is a bit colder than Torrance, due mostly to its increased distance from the coast and its location at the base of the Santa Ana Mountains. We grow many varieties of bougainvillea and hibiscus at this yard, along with agapanthus, birds-of-paradise, Aralia, ficuses, philodendrons, Wheeler’s dwarf pittosporums, and many varieties of palm trees.

The San Diego Division has multiple yards in Pauma Valley, as well as a yard in Escondido. The Pauma Valley yards are the most inland of all the T-Y yards, and therefore the coldest; they are all located at the base of Palomar Mountain, adding to the intensity of the winter cold. (It is not uncommon for Pauma Valley to receive winter temperatures in the mid 20’s.)Escondido is farther south and closer to the coast than Pauma Valley, so the winters are milder. We grow all our box trees at this location.The plant palettes in Pauma and Escondido are catered to out-of-state sales. The majority of the woody ornamentals, grasses, shade trees, palms, and drought-tolerant items are all cold hardy, so the need for winter protection is only necessary on a select few items.