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T-Y Nursery is a go-to wholesale nursery for the Southwest region and has been shipping plant material to Arizona garden centers since the business was founded in 1966. As a result, we are very familiar with the variations in Arizona’s climate. The higher elevations of the state offer long, warm summers, followed by winters with well-below-freezing temperatures. The southern portion, including Phoenix, offers a subtropical desert climate, where, on average, they have only one day per year when the temperature drops below freezing.

Southern Arizona is at the heart of the xeriscape movement, which tries to reduce or eliminate the need for additional water for vegetation. With the state’s average annual rainfall being a meager 8 to 9 inches, the need for sound water management is essential. In addition, the rocky clay soil of the deserts demands proper soil preparation, along with appropriate plant selection to ensure the success of any landscape.

Cacti, succulents and natives typically dominate the landscape in such areas as Phoenix and Tucson. Plants typically stocked and perform well throughout southern Arizona garden centers are red yucca and Texas sage, along with bush morning-glory, dwarf myrtle, live oak, oleander, lantana, and, of course, agave and a variety of yucca.