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November Newsletter

Solve Soil Erosion Problems With Beauty

Plants with a purpose are growing in popularity with homeowners. Of course they want beauty, but they also want their landscape plants to go the extra mile. Erosion control isn’t a terribly exciting topic…but it’s pretty important when you live in areas that are dry and windy. Slopes can also be a problem when it comes to soil erosion and generally tough to landscape. It’s situations like these that demand a great groundcover like Dalea capitata ‘Sierra Gold’.

This reliable semi-deciduous groundcover sports small bright yellow flower spikes atop emerald green leaves. As a bonus, the foliage is also aromatic with a lemon scent. Plants typically bloom from spring through fall and grow quickly. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance low-growing plant for difficult locations such as easements, parking lots, commercial planters or driveways, this is a great choice. Plants are low-growing, reaching only up to 12” tall, so they won’t obstruct sight lights in high car traffic areas. ‘Sierra Gold’ tolerates reflected heat from concrete and gravel as well. Its dense growth habit and fast growth rate make it perfect for quickly filling in spots that may be an eyesore; each plant reaches 3- to 4-feet wide. It’s also an excellent choice for quickly covering areas where soil erosion is a problem. Slopes planted in Dalea are not only visually impressive, but better retain their soil.

While ‘Sierra Gold’ will typically lose a good portion of its foliage in winter, it can remain mostly evergreen if temperatures are mild. Combine with other low-maintenance plants like agave, yucca and other succulents. Just as with most groundcovers, you can shear plants back in late-winter or early spring to keep plants looking fresh.

Be sure to plant Dalea in areas that receive full sun, as plants don’t thrive in shade. Once established, plants will only need minimal supplemental irrigation.