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June Newsletter

It’s that time of year again: the temperatures start to rise and as a result, the sales slowly decrease. It happens every year with the change of the seasons so it is to be expected. Fortunately, the slow-down in sales gives our crews a chance to catch up on production. To say it has been a crazy year is an understatement; many of you have expressed the same sentiments. While crazy it has been, our hope is you all have an increase in sales to show for it… we certainly do. Sales are up 10% from last year and our availability (normally 10 pages for Pauma alone) was only 6 pages for May. We expect the availability to increase across the board in the near future as we start to heat up and customers slow down their purchasing. Best to be on the lookout for new items added to the availability from month to month.

We have not focused on our 16″ Box Program in quite some time and now seems a perfect time to do so based on what is available. Many customers have started using our 16″ Boxes to finish projects that originally called for 15g or 24″ Boxes because they are not available in either size. For those of you not familiar with our 16″ Box Program, we grow a specific group of plants that are well suited for decks, patios or entryways. We grow all of the material in plastic boxes, which are swapped out for fresh wood boxes at the time the orders are assembled. The wood boxes have a beautiful rust-red stain that compliments the plants very well. Our customers end up receiving finished plants in brand new containers… perfect for a retail setting. Many of the plants grown for this program have been formed into patio trees or sheared to make columns or cones. The hard work has already been done for the consumer; all they have to do is maintain the shape… easy. These should sell real well for retailers as BBQ Season is right around the corner and customers will therefore be looking to spruce up their decks/patios. Daylilies are traditionally the plant to sport in June. Although as mentioned above, this year has been crazy and the result is a somewhat more limited selection than normal for the said time of year. In other words, normally we blow out our

Daylilies in the summer when they are in bloom but this year sales have been fairly steady… bloom or no. You can find the best of what is currently available below and for a retail setting, we recommend sticking with these varieties. However, if any of you are in need of a particular color that is not shown, please inquire further as we are listing what is available in decent numbers only.

Many of you have requested us to grow Ligustrum Texanum in a columnar form. We are happy to let you all know that our first crop of 5g is ready and the 15g will be ready in the next couple of months. Lush green, full and within the typical T-Y price range, we expect these to sell out fast. There are a couple other items listed below that are good for late spring sales as well. As usual, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to shoot them our way…Cheers!