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It’s June. Let’s Garden!

By now, the summer heat is setting in and we’ll need to turn our attention to some specific tasks in the landscape. June is still a great time to plant tropicals and other heat-loving perennials and shrubs. It’s also the time to think about watering smart in the landscape by choosing plants that can handle drought. While seasonal tasks will vary around the country, here are a few landscape tips for the month of June:

Feed: Certain plants will benefit from fertilization this month, including roses and tomatoes. In warm climates it’s time for your second fertilization on lawns.

Weed: Some parts of the country have been receiving heavy rainfalls this spring. If you’re in one of these regions, you probably still have a bevy of spring weeds growing. Keep on top of weeds by removing them and mowing regularly before weeds bloom. If you hand pull weeds, be sure to get them roots and all! Fresh weeds are great food for the compost bin.

Plant: Plant heat-loving tropicals, perennials and shrubs into containers or in the landscape. Perennials such as Autumn sage and Rosemary look great and beat the heat. Seed easy-to-grow heat-loving annuals such as zinnias and cosmos. Seed or set out transplants of summer crops of corn, beans, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, peppers and melons.

Prune & Groom: It’s time to cut back fallen foliage on your spring-blooming bulbs as they go dormant for summer. Pinch off blooms on herbs such as Basil plants to encourage more harvestable foliage. Thin over-loaded fruit trees as needed so that branches don’t break.

Water Smart: Again, while some parts of the country have been flooding, states like California are suffering from severe drought. Proper irrigation and water conservations should always be on our minds. If you use an automated irrigation system, be sure and have it audited. As we head into the summer months you may have to increase levels of drip irrigation to your plants, especially those in containers; just be sure you’re adhering to local watering restrictions.

June Plants

Vitex angus castus
Caryopteris x clandonensis ‘Dark Knight’
Dietes bicolor
Elaeagnus x ebbingei
Ruellia brittoniana
Hibiscus syriacus Double flowering
Cotoneaster parneyi
Nerium oleander red flowering
Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Tuscan Blue’
Salvia greggii red flowering
Teucrium chamaedrys