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August Newsletter

Summer Color

It’s still summer so remember to keep a bright inventory to show off the colors of the season. At TY Nursery, we have a huge display of summer color plants. Bright oranges to deep blues, any garden will shine bright. In our inventory you can pick up our top colored Caesalpinia pulcherrima and Nerium oleander.


Privacy Screening

The new landscaping craze has grown a little more coverage. Privacy screening is now become a staple for garden needs. From Vines to bamboo, TY Nursery has the right plants for growing a deep cover for any fence or screen. Take a look at what we have available for Privacy screening needs, because we will have it covered.


To keep your customer’s gardens flourishing during the water shortage by keeping them water wise. Both saving water and reducing the majority of water need with the addition of a great variety of drought tolerant plants. Some of the best choices are the wide selection of Agave and our Lantana hybrids that also bring in the bright summer colors as well. Provide your customers with the best selection of drought tolerant plants and chose TY Nursery for you water wise needs.