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Plants for Part Sun, Part Shade

Not all spaces in the landscape receive the right amount of sunlight for every kind of plant. Often, homeowners are challenged by exposures that are less than easy to work with; the classic being morning shade with hot afternoon sun. That’s a tricky one!

When you’re challenged by a location that may not receive the perfect amount of sun or shade, it’s good to work with plants that are more versatile and can hold up to extreme shifts in sun exposure. Typically, when you read a plant label these varieties will be identified as being tolerant of part sun/part shade conditions.

Japanese Privet, also commonly referred to as waxleaf ligustrum, is a go-to shrub when you need to create an evergreen privacy screen. This easy-care shrub produces clusters of fragrant white flowers in the spring that are followed by black fruit. Japanese privet can be planted in full sun locations, but also does well in a fair amount of shade. Morning shade + afternoon sun? That’s no problem for this tough privet.

Another evergreen that can be relied upon to tolerate shifting light conditions is compact cherry laurel. It’s the perfect specimen for creating a smaller evergreen hedge or privacy screen. Evergreen, medium to dark green foliage gives it year round interest that adds value to any landscape setting. Plants are adapted to full sun conditions, but area also found growing happily as understory plants that receive a fair amount of shade.

Have a spot with morning sun and afternoon shade? It can sometimes be tough to find plants that bloom heavily without receiving sun for a good part of the day. Gardenia ‘Mystery’, is one popular evergreen that can stand up to this challenge. This gardenia makes a beautiful blooming and fragrant specimen in spots that have afternoon shade.