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Does Retail Look Empty?

The last thing you want your customers to think when they visit you, or your retailers  is that you’re going out of business. But, that’s what a lot of local nurseries can look like come January. Inventory is often so low this time of year that their customers, or yours,  just might get the wrong idea. While there’s no arguing that January is a slow time for many garden centers, if  open year-round, they’ll need to make sure they have enough inventory to attract, inspire and delight winter customers. For garden centers that operate in climates with mild winters, dedicated gardening customers still want their green fix in winter. Have you given enough thought to selecting the kind of inventory that will help retailers bring in January sales? Be sure to customize your selection to your local area. January is often a great time to plant natives, dormant fruit trees, shade trees, shrubs and hardy perennials. Gardeners who are interested in creating habitat for wildlife or food sources for birds and pollinators can be specifically marketed to this time of year. Often, experienced gardeners want to beat the spring rush. They know that come March, garden centers may be bursting at the seams with other customers. These consumers know they can get a lot of their planting done in late-winter, without competing with the crowds. Providing plants that meet these customer’s early season needs can help both you and your retailers keep inventory moving through winter and get a jump start on spring.