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Blooming Trees that can take the Heat

Blooming trees can really bring a landscape to life! Property owners are looking to get the most from their landscape plants; they need to serve a specific purpose and look great at the same time. When you need to add a colorful feature plant to the landscape, or draw the eye to a certain area, blooming trees can be a great solution. Choosing a tree that not only has a long blooming period but also thrives in the heat is a smart move.

Blooming trees also offer up resources to local birds, pollinators and other wildlife. As wildscaping becomes more important to homeowners, blooming and fruiting trees are growing in popularity.

Two of our favorite heat tolerant summer blooming trees include the black locust tree, Robinia ‘Purple Robe’ and Cercidium ‘Desert Museum’. It’s hard to beat the show these two top performers put on during the hot summer months.

There are few blooming trees more impressive than black locust trees. Robinia ‘Purple Robe’ produces huge clusters of purple to pink flowers in early summer. The blooms offer a delightful fragrance through the summer season. Plants grow moderately fast with a compact, rounded shape and thrive in the heat. Mature black locust are quite the stunning specimen in any urban landscape. Hummingbirds love black locust so be prepared to attract them with this beautiful specimen.

Another summer stunner is the hybrid Palo Verde, Cercidium ‘Desert Museum. This beautiful and thornless Palo Verdeis a fast growing small shade tree.  Plants grow into an upright vase-like shape. Large yellow flowers provide a dazzling display of color in spring, lasting longer than any other Palo Verde species. Because this is a sterile hybrid, the trees do not produce messy seed pods that other Palo Verde varieties will. They attract numerous pollinators, including beetles, flies and social and solitary bees.