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For Summer planting offer water-wise selections

The hottest part of summer is typically not the most ideal time for planting, unless the right kind of plants are available. Plants that are low water use and can stand up to blazing heat when newly planted are often sought after through the hottest months. Providing the right palette of plants will keep your customers planting, even during the hot season. If you need to supplement your assortment we can help you fill in the gaps with some stunning water-wise selections.

Succulents are some of the easiest types of plants for landscapers to install and establish during the hot summer months. Succulents don’t require a lot of water to get established and they offer a lot of interest to a variety of landscape styles. Some succulents you might consider are agaves and yuccas. Both are beautiful, rugged and relatively pest and disease free. Consider using succulents to spruce up a client’s summer containers. Euphorbia rigida is a compact succulent perennial perfect for containers or small landscapes.

Natives are another group of plants that can help your customers reduce watering needs and keep planting during in the summer months. Plants that are native to your local area will be able to establish more quickly and use less water to do so. Local native plants are also less likely to have pest and disease issues. Native plants also provide wildlife a source of food or shelter during the extreme heat. Sotol, a rugged plant native to the southwest, offers fine texture to a wide array of landscape styles or in large pots. Be sure to check our grower availability list or let us know if you’re looking for a specific native plant to help supplement your offerings.