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October Newsletter

Topiaries seem to be increasingly popular these days & even more so now that we are in the middle of the fall season. In fact, our records show that topiaries sell more in the fall than any other time of the year.

For this reason, the focus for October shall be on our 16″ Box Program. Since the start of the program in 2010, one of our goals was to produce topiaries of top notch quality while still being super competitive on 16″ Box Program price. And not only are we producing topiaries, but a select number of flowering shrubs and trees as well… you can find many of the varieties currently available below. We have been selling 16″ Boxes for 2 years now & thus far the program has proven to be very successful. We have heard some very positive feedback in regards to the quality & pricing but let’s face it… reorders speak louder than words & I have to say the number of 16″ Boxes y’all have purchased & repurchased since 2010 is quite impressive. It is easy to get all worked up about the numbers & quality of the plant material but let us not forget the many benefits of the 16″ Box itself. Our 16″ Boxes have an attractive red stain so they can be used as a substitute for a ceramic pot. They are easily handled by one person, so the consumer will not be over-whelmed at the thought of having to handle such a large plant. It just makes sense to stock a bit heavier on topiaries this time of year, especially when many people are getting ready for the holidays . As usual, let me know if I can be of assistance or if y’all have any questions… Cheers!

Chamerops-humilis Cupressus-sempervirens-'Glauca' Elaeocarpus-decipiens-Column Elaeocarpus-decipiens-Patio-Tree Juniperus-chinensis-'Blue-Point'-2-B Juniperus-chinensis-'Blue-Point'-3-B Juniperus-chinensis-'Blue-Point'-Spiral Juniperus-chinensis-'Blue-Point' Juniperus-chinensis-'Sea-Green'-Pom-Pom Juniperus-chinensis-'Spartan'-Spiral Juniperus-chinensis-'Spartan' Juniperus-chinensis-'Torulosa'-Upright-Pom-Pom Ligustrum-japonicum-'Texanum'-2-B Ligustrum-japonicum-'Texanum'-3-B Ligustrum-japonicum-'Texanum'-Cone Ligustrum-japonicum-'Texanum'-Patio-Tree Magnolia-grandiflora-'Little-Gem' Nolina-recurvata Phyllostachys-aurea Prunus-caroliniana-'Compacta'-2-B Prunus-caroliniana-'Compacta'-Patio-Tree Prunus-caroliniana-'Compacta' Rhaphiolepis-'Magnificent'-Patio-Tree Sophora-secundiflora Tecoma-stans-'Yellow-Bells'-Patio-Tree