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June Newsletter

It’s that time of year again, the heat has kicked in and business has started to wind down a bit. With the Memorial Day holiday behind us many people are still in bbq/grill mode and are spending more time outside in their garden. At this time of year, it is especially important to have a wide variety of blooming plants to get your customers excited about their yards. Fortunately, Day lilies are budding and blooming and will certainly help bring out the garden bug in your customers. Currently, we have an abundant supply of 1 & 5 gallon containers with many colors to choose from. For those of you who are ordering on a regular basis, I highly recommend adding these to your existing orders. We are able to stack them on the top layer to minimize breakage. And for those who want to run a promo and are in need of full loads, let it be known that we will be sure to take extra care in the loading process to ensure the integrity of the plants. A couple other bloomers for this month are Vi- tex and Desert Willows. Check out the pictures below, we have plenty available. With the wide variety of plants in bloom for the month of June it should not be hard to keep the selling season going. And re- member Crape Myrtle season is right around the corner…


Chilopsis-linearis-'Burgundy' Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Aztec-Gold' Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Bitone-Red-Yellow' Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Burgundy' Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Crimson-Pirate' Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Dark-Orange' Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Double-Yellow' Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Jungle-Princess' Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Lemon-Yellow' Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Ming-Toy' Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Orange' Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Purple' Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Raspberry-Pixie' Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Red-Chalice' Hemerocallis-hybrid-'Tender-Love' Vitex-agnus-castus