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Febuary Newsletter

The Pre-Spring buzz has certainly reared its head and has caused many people to start getting ready for Spring early.  I never thought I would see the day when our Pauma Valley yard ran out of 5g Variegated Pittospoum but apparently the year is off to a good start.  I am going to go out on a limb here based on the way people have been ordering and say there will be some key items in short supply this year.  We have already sold out of our Euphorbia rigida, Pittosporum Dwarf Variegated and Blue Hibiscus just to name a few.  It is certainly a good problem to have with the way the economy has been.  Just to let y’all know we do have crops coming behind that should be ready in the near future… depending on the weather of course.  Speaking of the weather, one question that we continue to be asked is how cold we have been getting here in Pauma Valley.  I’d say in the past week or so we have had some warmer days but for the most part we have had a good stretch of cold weather since Thanksgiving.  This is a huge plus for y’all out in the colder states as our plants have already been hardened off to the cold and should transition well into your climate.  Considering that plants of good quality will continue to be in short supply and the cold weather has already hardened off our material there is no better time than right now to start stocking up for Spring.  Our Rosea Dwarf Hawthornes have all turned purple and should be pushing flowers in about a month.  Our Little Johns are extremely full and showing color.  Our Andorra Compacta Junipers are showing their purplish winter color as well.  The plants below are some of the items we think are looking real sharp right now and are certainly worth showcasing.  Get them while you can…  Cheers!

Callistemon-viminalis-'Little-John' Cassia-artemisioides Cassia-nemophila Euonymus-japonicus-'Green-Spire' Euonymus-japonicus-'Microphyllus' Juniperus-horizontalis-'Andorra-Compacta' Photinia-x-fraseri Rhaphiolepis-indica-'Rosea-Dwarf' Rosmarinus-officinalis-'Prostrata' Rosmarinus-officinalis-'Tuscan-Blue'