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Landscaping with Roses

Landscaping with Easy-to-Maintain Roses Adds a WOW to Your Garden
Adding roses to your garden is a great way to enjoy colorful blooms for most of the growing season. Shrub roses are an incredibly versatile plant that can be used in foundation plantings, medians, perennial borders and even containers. When it comes to style, they are equally appropriate for both modern and traditional landscape designs.

Blooming Perennial Borders and Foundation Plantings
Knockout roses have become a household name thanks to their toughness and beauty as a highly versatile landscape plant. Nearly evergreen in warmer zones, these profuse bloomers keep the landscape interesting through most of the year. Raspberry red blossoms adorn this shrub from early spring through early winter. While their label states they grow 4’-5’ tall and wide, we’ve seen established plants that are much larger, if left unpruned. So be sure to give plants adequate space. Seasonal pruning can help control size and keep plants looking clean. Plant alongside other evergreen sun shrubs such as Abelia ‘Edward Goucher’ or Grey Leaf Cotoneaster.

Containers Full of Roses
Looking for reliable container plants? Drift roses may be the answer for that sunny spot! At only 1 ½ -2- tall and 2 ½-3-feet wide, Drift roses feature a cascading habit that make them perfect specimens for your containers. Lovely half dollar sized flowers bloom profusely all summer long. Drift roses are available in a number of colors and flower forms, including doubles. Our favorites include Drift Rose ‘Sweet’, which offers pink blooms, ‘Red’, ‘Coral’, and ‘Popcorn’, which is a warm-yellow color that fades to creamy white.

If your container is large enough, add in complimentary cascading annual color, and even herbs such as trailing Rosemary, to keep the container even more interesting each season. Just like Knockout roses Drift roses also look great in perennial borders.

With proper cultural care roses are tough and resilient. Keeping your roses healthy by fertilizing spring and fall and pruning in late winter to help reduce the potential for pest or disease outbreaks. All roses prefer full sun and regular watering. Once established, many roses are drought tolerant; so they also make great plants in low water gardens.

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The Knock Out® Family of Roses
Drift Roses
Hesperaloe parviflora
Ligustrum texanum
Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’ (‘Cupreum’)
LANTANA hybrid Purple/Yellow Combo
Caesalpinia gilliesii
AGAPANTHUS africanus ‘Blue’
Ruellia brittoniana